Remco van Schadewijk | On Being a Scientist
Scientific Film Production, combining Science and Art to tell meaningful stories.
scientific film, scientific fiction, science fiction, narrative fiction, educational film, film education, film lighting
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An eminent professor navigates family life and the academic world as his work pushes against the limits of scientific integrity. He faces difficult dilemmas when old choices comes back to haunt him. Film produced by Leiden University and Crochetta Films for use in a namesake bachelor course on Science & Scientific Integrity. Premiered at Cinema Trianon, Leiden.

Festivals screenings:

LabMeCrazy 2019 (Pamplona, Spain)

Media and Learning 2017 (Leuven, Belgium)

New Media Festival 2017 (Los Angeles, USA)

InScience Festival 2016 (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)




On Being a Scientist

Production Year



Gosja Klivtonne


Bas Haring
Remco van Schadewijk


Festival circuit, research ongoing

Film, Narrative Fiction, Scientific Fiction