Remco van Schadewijk | Scientific Fiction
Scientific Film Production, combining Science and Art to tell meaningful stories.
scientific film, scientific fiction, science fiction, narrative fiction, educational film, film education, film lighting
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Film / Film Lighting / Narrative Fiction

about me

My name is dr. Remco van Schadewijk. I have a MSc degree in Life Science & Technology, which I attained cum laude at Leiden University. For my PhD I investigated plants and algae using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). My focus is on combining science with filmmaking, often using narrative fiction.

Being trained as a scientist, I quickly realised that I am too creative to focus on research alone, and that I enjoy telling compelling stories as well. This has led me to become a creative producer with experience in various forms of multimedia. Rather than having to choose between these two passions, I frequently combine them in scientific communication and education.

On this site you can find that part of my work that deal with visuals. If you have any questions about me, my work, or perhaps have an interesting project, you can always send an email to

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Creative Producer

As a producer, my main interest is in combining science communication, education, art and science fiction into exciting formats and concepts. I believe that communicating science can be greatly enhanced by the use of visuals in exciting new forms of media.


As a PhD candidate I studied plant life using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This technique allowed me to investigate plants, root nodules and even algae colonies at up to cellular resolutions. The unique perspective MRI gives on biological systems has left me passionate about ecology and the many intricate ways life is connected to each other. Recently I enjoy exploring such connections through a data science approach.


On occassion I light for film and video as a gaffer, because it is a great way of meeting new talented people and I thoroughly enjoy the craftsmanship. Being close to the fire means that sometimes the feeling creeps up that you are watching first-rate theatre, and you have front-row tickets.