Remco van Schadewijk | Water Drift
Scientific Film Production, combining Science and Art to tell meaningful stories.
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A fashion moodfilm as part of a campaign for Water Drift Collection by Arì van Twillert. The collection is meant is to call attention to the risks of sea levels. Produced by Oculus Film.



For more information see the campaign website.

Sea levels are rising and if climate change continues, parts of The Netherlands will be completely engulfed by the year 2300.

Our drift against rising sea levels has been a fight to control the waters around us for centuries. Therefore, the Dutch are experts in water management and monitor water levels in every river, canal and lake.

The technology behind the Dutch water management system is translated in the colourful embroidery of the garments.

The Water Drift Collection depicts dry feet should not be taken for granted in The Netherlands, as soon the rising sea levels will be uncontrollable.


Water drift

Production Year


Director of Photography

Hans de Jonge


Remco van Schadewijk



Film Lighting, Video